G-lay Our New Product

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G-lay Our New Product

Category : Nano

G-LAY: Graphene Layer (gl)

Premium quality Graphene based lubricant oil additive;

Graphene layer coating technology;

Enhance properties of conventional & synthetic oil;

Improve lubricity by reducing friction between moving parts;

Excellent increase in wear resistance of engine components;

Boost fuel efficiency;

For easy & self engine restoration without disassembling;

Great reduction of friction and wear


Graphene called wonder material of dream is a substance that is treated as a innovation material of next generation; strongest material in the world: Strength of 200 times stronger than steel,

Thinnest, lightest, most conductive and excellent stretch ability with many extraordinary and amazing characteristics.


We, Nano Tec International, manufacture premium quality rGO (reduced graphene oxide) by our manufacturing system of chemical exfoliation in our own laboratory.

The final size of rGO as key ingredient of G-LAY (graphene layer) is 0.25 nm thickness and lateral size of 50 nm.

Above size is world uniquely developed by our proprietary nano technology so that best optimized particle acts improvement of maximizing lubrication ability without clogging oil filter.